Bilva: 13 July 2019: Yoga of Energy Fields Around Us

Time & Location

EVENT COMPLETED! 13 Jul, 8:30 am – 01:00 pm IST 1. Live Streaming 2. Damaru Yoga Studio, 17/194 Pooja Apartments, Nr Himmatlal park, Bimanagar, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015, India

About The Event

Different names for the same core concept - Vastu Shashtra, Science of Architecture, Science of Energy Fields and so on. The word Vasstu Shashtra is a traditional Hindu system of architecture which literally translates to "science of architecture."

Damaru in collaboration with Mr. Nilesh Soni brings to you a 4.5 hour workshop on Vaastu Shahshtra that will help you learning the science of Vaastu to harmonize our lives outside-in. Grab the opportunity now to learn and take away practical Vaastu tips.

“Bilva”- Damaru Anniversary Celebration Workshop 2:

Explore the depths of Vedic Vaastu Shastra with Vaastu Adviser- Dr. Nilesh Soni

The place we call our Home has much more impact on our lives then we can understand! The ancient rishis understood the impact of the energy that we emit from within us as well as the energies that surround us. Vaastu is a science of event manifestation. Designing of spaces in a manner which balances these energies can lead to health, happiness, prosperity, longevity, stability and fertility! It is an art of balancing the 5 elements to create possibilities and bring about a balance by tuning in to the cosmic rhythm. Join our celebration and get an introduction to the Vedic science of Vaastu and understand how creating space and cancelling voids can contribute towards a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Nilesh Soni

A Vaastu Adviser by profession and mysticism aka Occult Science aficionado, Dr. Nilesh Soni has advanced in the path of Spirituality by gaining guidance from many Spiritual masters such as Sri Sri of Art of Living, rishi munis, Jain saints, Maggirwar Guruji, Dr. Sahastrabuddhe in Pune, Kuldeep Bansal from Mahavastu Delhi, and many more! He has done his doctorate in Vaastu Shastra with subject of “How Vaastu affects the Human Mind” and is providing consultancy services to many MNCs, corporates, and celebrities.