Services offered at Damaru

Everyone is different and so everyone needs a different touch when it comes to achieving wellness. Our modalities are a range of such varied approaches to help one and all be healthy.

We believe Yoga has a lot to offer to each and everyone, no matter what their age, ability, shape, size, experience or health condition. At Damaru, we use an integrated wellness approach to employ one or multiple modalities as per the requirement and inclination of the individual.

Take a look at the services we offer to help you find inner peace and achieve holistic wellness.


Group Yoga

Yoga is a complete healthcare system in itself. It not only works as a preventive for illnesses by keeping the individual in harmony and balance, but also works as a curative or maintenance modality for existing chronic health conditions. Yoga helps increase physical and emotional strength and stability, and also increases mindfulness, vitality and happiness in an individual promoting overall wellness.

Through a small class size,  our focus is to ensure safety and  providing personalized attention to each person.
Each one hour class is a blend of Yoga Asanas and Pranayama followed by short Meditations/ Chanting. Surya Namaskara, Visualizations, Guided Meditations and YogaNidra are also practiced when appropriate.


Sound Therapy is effective in not only achieving a state of deep relaxation and calm, but it also has a way of moving through physical as well as emotional blockages and bring about a harmonic balance to awaken the innate healing potential of the body and mind.

The role of Sound and Music in the process of growth, regeneration, healing and integration has been observed since ancient times and cultures. It is not surprising that these ancient techniques are resurfacing, finding multiple expressions as new disciplines of sound healing and music therapy fused with current modern science whilst retaining the sacred traditions and practices. A very important part of Damaru's sound healing canvas is the sound bed which allows a complete immersion into the soothing vibrations and natural resonance of strings. Then there are other instruments tuned to specific harmonics to create a unique touch of sound and create spheres of awareness and deeper levels of consciousness.

There are two approaches to Sound therapy:

1. Passive receptive healing through vibratory healing methods.

2. Active participatory co-creative method that comprise of chanting the ancient healing Vedic Chants which create precise frequencies that promote healing and help regain inherent balance and harmony .

Sound Therapy sessions include Tibetan healing bowls, Sound Bed, NadaYoga practices, Nidra Anantara, Sound Winds, Bamboo Tongue and many more tools and techniques to achieve desired results.

One-on-One Therapy

An excellent way to kick-start a customized health regime, Therapy sessions help you concentrate on specific goals, whether it is fitness, realizing your innate potential, or specific health issues that are key to your well-being

Yoga therapy may be defined as an application of yogic principles to a particular person with an objective of achieving a particular spiritual, psychological and physiological goal. The means applied, comprise of expertly designed combinations that include but are not limited to the steps of Ashtanga Yoga which are Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi. It may also include textual study or psychological counselling, chanting, imagery, prayer and using specific frequencies of sound to meet the needs of an individual.

Yoga therapy is used to heal specific problems such as eliminating impurities (doshas) from organs, energy centres (chakras) and channels (nadis) of the body. The main principles of Yoga therapy are Yukta Shikshana, Bheda, Desha, Kala Deha, Vritti, Shakti and Marga. Yoga therapy is not compartmentalized into psychological or physical but uses the indegenious modes of medicine to look at the whole person. It deals with all five koshas - physical, energetic, emotional, wisdom and spiritual.

More and more doctors and health care practitioners are now recommending yoga to complement their medical treatments. More and more reviews and meta-analysis (the gold standard of research) show promising results of yoga for Trauma, Depression, Alzheimers, Cancer and conditions like Lower back pain, Arthrititis, Asthama, Hypertension, Diabetes and many more lifestyle and Psychosomatic conditions

Vedic Chanting

Children and Teen Yoga

Through yogic tools, children learn how to channelize their bubbling energies. This helps them stay calm, creative, spontaneous and centered. It inculcates a sense of responsibility and self discipline. Among other benefits, yoga helps strengthen the mind, and improves focus and memory. Teenagers learn how to manage emotions and gradually develop the skill to stay more relaxed, demonstrating an enhanced ability to problem-solving and decision making anchored in self-confidence.

Pregnancy and Motherhood

Empower yourself with correct scientific knowledge and safe health enhancing practices to turn the roller coaster ride of pregnancy and motherhood to a path of connecting to your higher self and your baby.

Pregnancy is a beautiful time when a woman gets an opportunity to honour and nourish herself on every level of her being. It is crucial you keep yourself healthy and active physically, emotionally & mentally and continue to prepare for a healthy pregnancy and post pregnancy phase.

Learn and practice authentic Pregnancy yoga with Mauli Bavisker. Mauli is a certified International Prenatal Yoga Teacher with RPYT Certification from Yoga Alliance, USA and specializes in Pregnancy Yoga. She is the FIRST AND ONLY RPYT Certified Teacher in the State of Gujarat, India as in April, 2020.

YogaNidra, Meditation and Pranayama

This widely popular service is based on the belief that spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health are interrelated, and should be conditioned together. These practices promote coordinated breathing and focused internal energy helping clients achieve ultimate relaxation and peace of mind. The sessions center around deep relaxation, mindfulness and meditation, ensuring that you are at complete ease with your thoughts. We guide you through each step of the process, leading you down the path to overall well-being and control over your mind and emotions, hence facilitating an access to your own higher potential

Yogic Counselling

Various systems of Yogic sciences present universal truths and guide us into principles and practices for living in alignment with those truths thus creating a harmony between our internal and external environments, the imbalance of which, is the root cause of all the stress and psychosomatic illnesses that our modern lifestyles leaves us with. Yogic counselling is a new territory that modern science and psychotherapy have yet to explore. it helps us understand how we as an individual microcosm of the entire universe, can skillfully navigate through the world of material success, interpersonal relationships, health, well-being and accessing higher consciousness.

Corporate Wellness programs

To ensure you have happy, healthy and efficient employees, stress management and wellness programs in the work place is a must. Work stress can create issues like frequent headaches, colds, neck and back pain, anxiety, worry, nervousness, insomnia, difficulty in decision making, reduced efficiency or productivity, drug abuse etc. in employees. Especially in the high stress generating work environments within corporate setups, such health initiatives and interventions for employee wellness become all the more important to have less sick days and avoid medical and other stress related expenses, employee retention and talent acquisition and to show that you care, hence building a strong work culture!

Walk-in-classes for Yoga

We at Damaru, know from experience that our clients love the ambiance, authenticity and transformational effects of practicing yoga with us. But if you are new to Damaru and want to check the waters before you dive in, then,  before making a long term commitment towards us and your own health and wellness, we welcome you to our walk-in-classes each Wednesday.

Yoga Retreats

A Yoga retreat is an fantastic platform that blends promotion of your spiritual growth while getting immersed with nature. All of Damaru's retreats are planned at a natural location away from the hustle of the cities that helps you get away from your routine environment and give a much needed refreshing change. In addition, each of our retreats are designed with a unique theme. For e.g. our 2020 Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh is a 6 days intense Raja Yoga and Vedic Mantra retreat giving you one-of-a-kind experience at the pristine location on the banks of river Ganga - The Swami Dayanand Ashram. For all YA certified yoga practitioners and CEU seekers, this retreat offers 35 Continuous Education Units (CEU) on completion of the programme. A completion certificate will also be given to all participants. You can find more details of our 2020 yoga retreat at more details or any other queries, reach us on

We offer Yoga Retreat services for Corporates and Groups specially designed as per their requirements. Often, our clients reach us with just the problem statement that they want to address through the Yoga Retreat - we offer consulting service to develop the retreat program for specifically to address the requirements. 

Kayakalpa : A Transformative Intense Yoga Batch!!

Kayakalpa is a specially designed 2 month intense yoga program to feel fitter, stronger, and balanced in body and mind more than ever before! This program is focused not just on toning your body but on "transforming" your physical, psychological, and emotional health. The main aspects that Kayakalpa works on are the anti-aging process, maintaining youthfulness and vitality, and escalate longevity!!