Bilva: 20 & 21 July 2019: Yoga of Devotional Vibrations

Time & Location

EVENT COMPLETED! 20 Jul, 12:00 pm IST – 21 Jul, 1:00 pm IST 1. Live Streaming 2. Damaru Yoga Studio , 17/194 Pooja Apartments, Nr Himmatlal park, Bimanagar, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015, India

About The Event

Unlock the healing powers of Mystical Mantras of Bhaktamarstotra with Dr. Manju Jain and Dr. Prriya Jain

Your search for the answer to health, healing and cure of even the dreadful diseases like cancer, kidney dysfunction, cardiac problems, infertility and others will find a resolution when you will understand and believe in the healing power of Bhaktamarstotra. It is a powerful healing methodology described in the granthas of Jainism. Join this scientific training program to unleash the unlimited power within you by learning the art of chanting mystical words of the Bhaktamarstotra.

Dr. Manju Jain - Golden book of World Records nominee, beacon holder of Bhaktamar:

Dr. Manju Jain is a Spiritual Healer working on the Jaina Method of Curing. Her spiritual healing revolves around the philosophy, “Where faith in God is an Essential element”. She has successfully worked on cancer, psoriasis, kidney failure, tuberculosis, skin problems and many more. Dr. Manju Jain is a managing Trustee of the Indian Federation of Spiritual Scientists (IFSS), based in Bangalore. She is the Vice President of Integrated Healing Forum, Nagpur. She has attended and addressed innumerable conferences on spirituality in India and abroad. She has produced documentary movie on “A Tale of Jain Saint” and animated movie on Acharya Maantunga, the creator of Bhaktamarstotra.

Dr. Prriya Jain - spiritual healer and an anthropologist

Dr. Prriya Jain is a Bhaktamar Activist and founder of the world’s first Bhaktamar Clinic, “Annant World”. She is a spiritual healer who has devoted her life to spreading awareness of the powers of Bhaktamarstotra. She has been awarded Ph.D in “Faith-based healing with special reference to Bhaktamar” from Zoroastrian College.