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  • 100217 Collective Chants So Far!
  • 100008Our Goal to achieve by 30 March 2023
Help us reach the goal #SpreadTheWaveOfWellness by sharing and inviting your near and dear ones for this event!

JOIN HERE: Worldwide 100008 Hanuman Chalisa Chanting

Time & Location

Free and Open for all. Chant Anytime from Anywhere and log your daily counts here!

About The Event

A Goal to achieve together!! Chanting of Hanuman Chalisa purifies both body and mind and is deeply elevating. Worldwide chanting of Hanumana Chalisa, Chant Anywhere anytime!!

Starting from the auspicious day of Mahashivaratri, 18 Feb 2023 and culminating with a Grand Celebration on Rama Navami, 30 March 2023!

How to join the Japa Yajna: To be included in the yajna, chant your Hanuman chalisa, keep track of your counts and simply submit your count on this events page to contribute your daily count towards the collective goal!. Please see the FAQ section below for further details about doing this Hanuman Chalisas Anushthan.

Chant along video: Superfast and Peaceful Hanuman Chalisa with lyrics in Sanskrit and English: CLICK HERE    

Frequently asked questions:

1. When and Where do I submit my chanting counts so that it gets added towards our goal of 100008?

Answer: Use the link on the left side of this web page to report your daily count. You can also club your count for a few days and report them together! After you click submit, you will notice the total of collective chants will change automatically.

2. I don't know Hanuman Chalisa, can I still participate?

Answer: Ofcourse, the words to the Chalisa are included in the Hanuman Chalisa video: click on this video link. This video also helps you with Lyrics in English and Sanskrit. If you want only lyrics, you can visit her: Sanskrit/ Devanagri/ Tamil/ Telugu/ Kannada/ Gujarati and English 

3. Is there a specific time when I should chant?

Answer: You can chant at your own convenience :)

4. Is this Free and Open for all?

Answer: Yes. It is a goal to achieve together and benefit from the power of collective chanting! 

5. Can I chant along with the recording?

Answer: Yes. To chant along, click on this video link. This video also helps you with Lyrics in English and Sanskrit. 

6. Who do I reach if I have any questions?

Answer: We would love to clarify your questions, please reach us at +91-7043420022 or email us at