Introduction to Vedanta: Guidance from the shastras for enriched living!

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Starting 3 July 2021. Online Program. PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN!

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An initiative by Damaru Foundation to create better individuals, an informed society and a generation which is rooted in integrity!

-Who am I?

-Why was I even born?

-What is my real purpose in life?

-How do I achieve it?

-What is our scriptural literature or Shastras? 

-What are Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas...?

-How do I know what is the right thing to do?

-What is Dharma?

-What is God?

-How did this world even come about?

-Why is there so much suffering?

-Why is my happiness so short-lived? 

-Can I ever achieve lasting happiness? 

-Can I get freedom from anxiety?

-Can I just leave everything and run away to the Himalayas, will I then be free and happy and at peace?

-What happens after I die?

If fundamental questions like these and many more are bothering you, then this course is for you. Here we will  introduce various terms and terminology used by our scriptural literature and also the important concepts given by our Shāstras in order to live a fulfilling life and achieve the highest human goal. Thus this course gives a comprehensive overview of the teaching of our Shāstras along with building a strong foundation for further inquiry.

Eligibility and Pre-requisites: 

-An open mind 

-Intellectual honesty

-A notebook and a pen

-A commitment of about 51 classes starting 3rd July 2021

All Saturdays: 06:15 - 07:15 p.m. (IST)

Course fees: Pay-As-You-Can (All donations will go to the Damaru Foundation trust funds for various social outreach initiatives)

Open for all (above 14 yrs).

Registration compulsory!