Bilva Live Series - Yoga of Sound : Exploring the use of Sound in Yoga practices

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About The Event

Damaru is happy to announce its next FB Live in the series of BILVA Annual Yoga Festival 2020, running throughout this month of[ July on the theme of Bhāratiya Paramparā!⁣

Topic of discussion: Yoga of Sound: Exploring the use of Sound in Yoga Practices
- Yoga as a practice, when combined with sound/chanting becomes a very powerful practice. It's a holistic approach to enhance the way of life. We are wired to respond to sound and it is innate to us. We all, including this planet, vibrate at various frequencies and by tapping into these vibrations of sound, one opens up tremendous potential, not just of healing or wellness but of spiritual growth as well. As Desikachar Sir says, "Chanting can open our hearts"
- Nrithya Jagannathan, the director of KYM Institute of Yoga Studies, Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, Chennai, will be sharing her knowledge with us on Yoga of Sound through this session. She has been sharing her wisdom globally and we are extremely grateful to her for being part of the Bilva Yoga Festival 2020.⁣
- Don't miss this opportunity to hear and learn from Nrithya Jagannathan on this special and important aspect of your life!!⁣
Date: Sunday, 19 July 2020⁣
Time: 10:30 am⁣
Location: FB Live @realmofdamaru. Click the Live Section on this link.⁣
Reach us at +91-7043420022 |⁣⁣
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