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Sound Therapy is effective in not only achieving a state of deep relaxation and calm, but it also has a way of moving through physical as well as emotional blockages and bring about a harmonic balance to awaken the innate healing potential of the body and mind.

The role of Sound and Music in the process of growth, regeneration, healing and integration has been observed since ancient times and cultures. It is not surprising that these ancient techniques are resurfacing, finding multiple expressions as new disciplines of sound healing and music therapy fused with current modern science whilst retaining the sacred traditions and practices. A very important part of Damaru's sound healing canvas is the sound bed which allows a complete immersion into the soothing vibrations and natural resonance of strings. Then there are other instruments tuned to specific harmonics to create a unique touch of sound and create spheres of awareness and deeper levels of consciousness.

There are two approaches to Sound therapy:

1. Passive receptive healing through vibratory healing methods.

2. Active participatory co-creative method that comprise of chanting the ancient healing Vedic Chants which create precise frequencies that promote healing and help regain inherent balance and harmony .

Sound Therapy sessions include Tibetan healing bowls, Sound Bed, NadaYoga practices, Nidra Anantara, Sound Winds, Bamboo Tongue and many more tools and techniques to achieve desired results.

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