#TheVitalBreathMovement : Free Pranayama Sessions by Damaru

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Join #TheVitalBreathMovement​​​​, Our daily free sessions on Pranayama to strengthen your lung capacity!

8:30​​​​ - 9:00 am (IST), Everyday

️ YouTube Live: www.youtube.com/RealmOfDamaru/

The world is fighting the covid pandemic & the number of cases are increasing day by day which has increased the importance of making your immune system & lungs strong. At the same time, it has become more and more imperative to maintain emotional balance, stability and sanity in these testing times. Let's create a beautiful community where we come together everyday, work with our breath, channelise our prana in the positive patterns. Together, we will be stronger and multiply our energies manifold! We look forward to see you and your loved ones... all of us practicing together in this shared space irrespective of our locations and situations.